Thursday, August 6, 2009

ESCAPE from Live Oak FL

We will have closing on this place in Live Oak on Aug 21 (HOORAY) and have closing for our new home in Valrico FL on Aug 26 (YIPPEEE!!!!!!). Bob has set up the movers to come on Friday, August 28 and deliver on Saturday, August 29. I believe that it is about the same time frame as when we originally moved into our house in Brandon in 1997. We have truly come back to where we can once again plant our feet and put in roots. NO MORE MOVING. Our new home will be at 1822 Citrus Orchard Way in Valrico FL.

God has brought us a long way over the past 12 years. He provided the butterfly at the new home on Friday and again on Saturday last weekend when we went "house hunting". That was my fleece for God to show us which home was the one He wanted us to have. Bob was always seeing a butterfly whenever he had a slight problem to overcome and he had seen a butterfly on the day of his dad's funeral at the gravesight. It was Bob's way of having his dad still be close and guiding him. So that was what I used as the test - God would have a butterfly flying around at the house He had chosen for us.

Now He will also guide us to the church that will become our new church family. It is so important to have that connection with fellow believers. During the good times and the bad times, God provides helping hands and prayer warriors to get us through everything. The joy that comes from allowing Him to direct me daily is beyond words and I know that my life would be so empty and hopeless without Him. I love my lord and savior, Jesus Christ with my whole being. I pray that all of our children will come to know and understand that the only thing that they really need is a relationship with Jesus. Only Jesus can bring us to God and salvation - nothing else in this world will do that.

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Amanda B. said...

Woo Hoo! You finally updated!!! :):) I am happy for you that you found the right house. We wish you luck and would love to see you more often!! Your grandkids love you! :)